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I'm just a young women trying to figure shit out. A couple of years ago I didn't even know I had a soul or that I could be someone that wasn't just a robot slaving away at some wagie job. It wasn't until I broke away from the mold that I even began to understand who I was and I still don't really know. This website is just one of many attempts to achieve a sense of my identity. Its been hard for me to try and break away there's resistance from everyone, but I think it will be worth it in the end. I guess I should start with the little things I enjoy:

I will probably create pages for these interests just to show people I still have a pulse and also because you might find some of it cool too. But, I will write about whatever is on my mind on an if I feel like it when I feel like it basis. I tend to ramble too, so expect long-winded posts about anything I'm interested in or am thinking about. These ramblings can range from insightful to cringe but are probably both at any given time.