When it comes to cooking, my bread and butter is experimentation. I will come up with the most disgusting shit ever just to see what it tastes like. Most of the time though the taste isn't bad its just lacking in direction which perfectly describes me. However, there are a few recipes which I consistently make that I do genuinely enjoy.
One of these is homemade hot cocoa and the other is fettuccine alfredo.

For the homemade hot cocoa I take some milk put it in a mug and warm it up for 1 minute 30s, while that's happening I put half a spoon-full of honey, a pinch of cinnamon, and a spoon-full of cocoa powder in the blender. Once the milk has warmed up I dump it in the blender and blend it for around a minute. That's it. I like it because its easy and has the earthy chocolate flavor without too much sugar. Sugary things aren't very appealing to me, but if you like that just put in some more honey. Also, experiment a little with it. Exchange the cinnamon for some ground cloves or the honey with some brown sugar. The only two things that really need to be consistent are the cocoa powder and the warm milk. You also don't not need to use the blender; a food processer, coffee maker, or pot and whisk might work. The only reason I haven't tried those is because the blender is the most convenient for me and I like the frothy top that comes with it, but as long as the ingredients are being mixed at a hot temperature it should be fine.

Fettuccine Alfredo is another really simple one I enjoy. All you need are fettuccine noodles, butter, and powdered parmesan cheese. I boil the noodles with salty water, and when they are around halfway done I take around 6 tablespoons of butter and place it in a pan on medium-low heat until it melts. Then, I turn the heat to low and put in around 1/2 cup of powdered parmesan cheese. I'll stir a little too. Once the noodles are done I take some tongs and put the noodles with a little bit of the starchy noodle water in the sauce. Then, I change the heat to medium-high and put in some salt and pepper while stirring consistently. Once the sauce starts to bubble its done. This makes for a thick sauce, but if you want something a little bit creamier try putting in more starchy noodle water.