Black Metal

My favorite music genre by far. I will listen to other genres on occasion (mostly by accident through gaming OSTs), but this one is the one I listen to regularly and in enough volume that I can say I enjoy the genre. The rawness of it all is what draws me in. Something about the screaching appeals to me and I'm pretty sure its because black metal is the only way I can vent anger. In my household I'm not allowed to talk about anything negative, so I can't vent my frustrations very well. I bring this up to tell you that I'm no music critic. I'm not into black metal for the music. I'm just a very angry person looking for angry people to be angry with to feel less angry. In the future I might develop an appreciation for the music but right now its hard for me to develop an appreciation for anything.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way my favorite band is RanCoffiN.

(Don't get me wrong though I do enjoy some Bathory too)