Iatros' Journal

What is Being While this seems like a redundant question it's an interesting one when I frame it like this: how do you describe what being is? I have tried to answer this question so many times and it always ends with the same ambiguous answer. Of course I understand and am fine with the answer but when you want to show other people what you mean its hard and that frustrates me. So, instead of just saying the answer I'm going to go through some of my thought processes surrounding the idea in a futile effort to help someone understand. So, what is being? Well to start off what isn't being? Someone exists until they don't. Death is the state which separates being from non-being. But, what about the people who have yet to exist? Death can't be the end all be all of nonbeing as people who haven't existed can't have died. And what is death? It is a state of non-existence in the sense of the self being wholly absent. And what is life? The state which we call life, while misleading at times, can be summarized in the human context as the presence of us. What is us? It is. And that my friends is the only correct answer to being. Confusing? Yes. Ambiguous? Completely. But every correct answer to being is some variation of it is.

Drawing of the Day: